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Our applications

Food industry

Because it must meet consumer expectations, the food industry is constantly looking for practical quality solutions. That’s where we come in, our natural solutions have all the assets and adapt to all needs: made on an aqueous or oily basis, our intense infusions bring to your food products an aromatic support or a complementary flavor. Available in liquid or dry form, our flavoring solutions are natural, Clean Label and are used in the composition of your products as raw material.

Soups and dishes
Dairy products
Fruit preparations
Dry infusions


Aromatic industry

Rouages infusions offer an unequalled aromatic richness.

Used as a base in the formulation of flavors, our infusions guarantee a natural and organic origin and are ideal for the support of organic flavors.



We rely on our aromatic extraction, fermentation and flavour combination processes to offer you natural and clean label food ingredients with a unique organoleptic signature. We also formulate fermented health drinks and infusion-based drinks for you.

Sauce base
Preparation of drinks
Vegan mayonnaises
Fermented drinks

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