Specific formulations and recipes: we comply with your specifications, and add a creative touch!

Phase 1

The Rouages marketing team is there to help you write specifications defining your needs.

Phase 2

The Rouages scientific divisions will formulate original aromatic recipes to meet your needs. Several aromatic balance samples may be offered in line with your constraints in order to carry out your tests.


Example of one such formulation:

novel drink for an event : the launch of a new perfume by a French fashion designer.

The drink’s flavour was developed to reflect the fresh and carnal fragrance of rose.

Among the other ingredients assembled over Rouages concentrated infusions:

orange zest constitutes the top notes, pale rose buds, coriander seeds, hibiscus flowers form the middle notes and Bourbon vanilla pods form the base notes…

The drink is packaged in a very refined and feminine bottle, copying the perfume’s fuchsia pink colour code…