Our organic and traditionally farmed plots of land are selected with the greatest care and their origin is completely traceable.

Rouages sector policy is based on a committed vertical integration approach.

We contract with local farmers who have been selected to ensure compliance with the specifications defined and who can guarantee that harvests will be reserved.

Champ St Livrade

Give your products a Rouages origin!

Our manufacturing protocol for concentrated infusions guarantees (if you wish) the origin of ingredients.

Sicilian lemon not just lemon!
Thyme… yes, but Lemon Thyme from Aquitaine …., Egyptian Hibiscus …. 

The traceability of the origin of our plots of farmland is an asset which distinguishes you from your competitors and meets your consumers’ need for authenticity. The Bio-Rouages range, designed for your organic products according to our certified bio/NOP process, offers you a guarantee of the origin of the plots of land selected and of fresh plants organically farmed in Aquitaine.

Open sourcing :

Whether organic or traditional farming, we are always on the look-out for new supply sources to meet your specific needs and offer you attractive innovative ingredients.