Rouages develops concentrated infusions, 100% natural, 0% additive, for manufacturers.

Based in the south west of France since 2007, Rouages is the result of a wish to breathe new life into the discreet world of flavours and aromas.

Our unique approach combines the implementation of innovative technology, complementary expertise in taste processing and a qualitative strategy embracing an approach by agricultural sectors.

Agropole FleurieWe provide manufacturers looking for natural and authentic ingredients such as our concentrated infusions of fresh herbs, fruit and spices offering incomparably genuine and traceable tastes.

Give your products a Rouages origin!

Naturality, taste authenticity , opportunity to justify the origin and trace back to the piece of farmland make our aromatic preparations a new source of inspiration for your drink, ready-made meal, dairy and confectionery developments.

You will have the opportunity to create more typical products (fresh mint from Lot et Garonne, tea from Ceylan, lemon from Sicily, chilli pepper from Espelette, etc.) use the terms "natural origin”, and organic (for the Bio-Rouages range), and depict our ingredients on your products’ labels.