Harvest calendar

By reserving your harvests upstream of sensitive periods, you will be ensured a supply whatever the quantity and origin of the desired products.

When the harvests are finished, we will only be able to supply you with our available stock.

That is how nature works, so be sure to plan ahead!


Harvest calendar soon completed…

Herbs from Aquitaine, France: tarragon, lemon balm, spearmint, oregano, lemon thyme, lemon verbena

   J          F          M          A           M          J          J          A         S          O          N          D     

Stock                         Reservation       Harvest                                     Stock                            


Citrus fruits from Sicily, Italy: lemon, sweet orange

    J          J          A         S          O          N          D         J          F          M          A           M         

Stock                         Reservation       Harvest                                                Stock