Our unique technology enables the original flavours to be maintained!

conserver les saveurs d’origineRouages innovative technology, a result of four years of experimental research, maintains the true aromatic treasures of fresh herbs, spices and non-aqueous fruit.

This innovative process guarantees a reproducible quality extract in the finished product and aromatic preparations with incomparable tastes.

The comparative aromatic spectrums between the fresh herb and the concentrated infusions show respect for the plant’s true original flavour.

This unique technology was awarded a national prize for agri-food innovation in September 2007 (Agropole).

Deciphering: What is the true aromatic treasure?

Plants are made up of a large number of volatile and aromatic molecules. The true “taste” of food is really the “flavour” which is a result of the interaction between taste and smell.

Yet, the evaporation or processing techniques used until now, regardless of how well controlled they are, give rise to changes and/or a major decrease in aromatic quality which will have major repercussions on the extract’s organoleptic quality.

Rouages’ direct concentrated infusion process does not involve an evaporation phase:

Rouages concentrated infusions offer organoleptic quality faithful to plants’ aromatic treasures.