Direct analysis by chromatography in the gaseous phase of head space, obtained by the introduction of a plant or its infusion into a closed space and balanced atmospheric sampling above.

Source Agrotec Agen / lemon balm, sweet mint, lemon thyme and lemon verbena

Illustration of the superiority of Rouages direct concentration infusion process for fresh plants: its aromatic spectrum (2/) is the closest to that of the fresh herb(1/) in comparison to that of the dried infusion (3/ flat line, less aromatic) or the essence (4/ restrictive).

Chromatographies for Lemon Balm

1/ Fresh herb

Chromatographie melisse plante fraiche

The aromatic spectrum for the fresh plant shows a profile of volatile components with 4 main peaks.


2/ Rouages’concentrated infusion :

Aromatic profile respected


Chromatographie melisse infusion concentree

3/ Dried lemon balm infusion

Flat line, less aromatic

Profile not respected

Chromatographie melisse plante seche

4/ Essence of lemon balm

Restrictive line

Profile not respected

Chromatographie melisse essence